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Leaders in Industrial Graphics and Engraving

Specializing in custom graphic overlays, engraving, and laser services, our end products include mimic panels and bus, stainless steel engraving, signage, and custom labels and decals.

Graphic Overlays

Our Inst-A-Screen printing product was introduced in 1999 enabling us to offer a cost saving alternative to conventional screen printing.

Mimic Panels and Bus

A mimic panel or bus is a direct or approximate schematic representation used by a broad sector of industries in a variety of applications. 

Custom Engraving

For the past 20 years BW industries have been custom engraving products to almost any specification for our commercial clients. 

Prototyping Services

Do you have an upcoming trade show, event, or maybe a meeting with that new client in which you’re about to roll out your new product prototype? We can help!

Labels and Decals

BW Industrial Graphics offers a wide variety of Labels and Decals suitable for your specific application. Whether you need to adhere your label to a painted surface,  stainless steel,  ABS plastics or textured surfaces, we have the material for your specific requirement.

Metal Nameplates

BW Industrial Graphics, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of custom metal nameplates in Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Brass.

Reverse Engraved Plastic Overlay

Reverse Engraved overlays are engraved on the back side of a piece of acrylic and can be paint filled with multiple colors, instead of the traditional 2-color standard engraving process.  

Wide Format Printing

With the acquisition of our new 64” wide format printer, BW Industrial Graphics can now accommodate more of your specific requirements while offering high resolution, photographic quality, logos and images.  

We Love What We Do – Leaders in Industrial Graphics and Engraving



Established in 1968, BW Industries has become a leading Industrial Graphics Service supplier by incorporating the leading edge of technology with the latest and most efficient design systems and production equipment. 


We are recognized for consistently meeting our client’s requirements on time with quality products at competitive prices. 

"I’m 100% agreement, the best way to color match this is to see it here and match it up, so thanks for help and making sure we get this right It’s says a lot about your company and the ways its run Nice to know that quality is still important!"
Chris Leard

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BW Industrial Graphics & Engraving
27W230 Beecher Ave., Unit 1
Winfield, IL 60190
BW Industrial Graphics & Engraving
27W230 Beecher Ave., Unit 1
Winfield, IL 60190
toll-free:  800.893.9145
phone:  630.784.1020
fax:  630.784.1022
toll-free:  800.893.9145
phone:  630.784.1020
fax:  630.784.1022
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