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Our Services


Insta-A-Screen Printing

Our Inst-A-Screen printing product was introduced in 1999 enabling us to offer a cost saving alternative to conventional screen printing. Inst-A-Screen provides customers with high quality scratch resistant custom overlays, eliminating the set-up tooling costs and time delays associated with traditional screen printing technology. Starting at $175.00, Inst-A-Screen is ideal for limited run prototypes and offers equally competitive prices for production quantities.

The System

Inst-A-Screen graphics are printed using a thermal transfer process, by which colored resins are fused into the back side of a durable 10mil Polycarbonate/Lexan film. They have the highest level of scratch and chemical resistance available. Once Printed, an application specific adhesive is applied to the graphics and they are then cut to client specifications. This results in a product that looks and performs like a screen printed graphic, but is produced in a fraction of the time and cost.

All Inst-A-Screen graphics are designed and saved in an electronic format which affords us the ability to make changes to an overlay in a matter of minutes. Our ability to die-cut the graphics in house, eliminates lengthy lead times and expensive tooling charges.

Benefits of Inst-A-Screen Printing

  • No Minimums
  • No Die Cutting Fees
  • No Color Screen Set-Up Charges
  • Fast Turn-Around
  • Variety of Application Specific Adhesives available, Including 3M
  • Scratch Resistant Finish


A mimic panel or bus is a direct or approximate schematic representation used by a broad sector of industries in a variety of applications. Examples include:

  • A series of electrical symbols and specifications on the exterior of large switchgear panels.
  • The approximate representation of a process plant to quickly aid in the identification or exact location of faults or break-downs.
  • In the security/gatehouse of a business industrial or residential complex to identify in which building an alarm has been activated.

Mimic panels are commonly used in cement plants, railways, petro-chemical plants, public utilities, foundries, distribution centers, power generation stations, laboratories, etc.


Types of mimic panels and bus:

A. Printed Mimic Panels and Bus

The majority of BW Industries manufactured mimic panels and buses utilize 10mil polycarbonate which can be reverse printed in customized colors and sizes with symbols to suit all applications. The printed bus is backed with 3M 467 or 468 Hi Performance adhesive for easy installation.

B. Engraved Mimic Panels and Bus

BW industries can also manufacture mimic panels and buses by more traditional means from 1/16” or 1/8” plastic to match existing switchgear. In the past, a mimic bus was cut from plastic stock and screwed on to the panel. Now, weather proof adhesives can used to anchor plastic mimic bus, eliminating the need to drill mounting holes.


Engraving Services

For the past 20 years BW industries have been custom engraving products to almost any specification for our commercial clients. We offer three methods of engraving: Laser, Reverse Engraving, and Traditional Engraving.


Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a precise and is generally the preferred method of engraving stainless steel and other metals, as well as plastic and acrylics.

Laser engravings on metals create crisp black lettering which shows up well on your choice of metals. It is particularly ideal for stainless steel, aluminum, or chrome.


Reverse Engraving

Reverse engraving is carried out on the back side rather than the exposed surface of, generally, 1/16 thick acrylic material. The engraving is then filled with a choice of paint colors. The finished product looks similar to our INST-A-SCREEN™ process.

Reversed engraved products are resistant to abuse, most chemicals, heat, and is commonly used in wash down areas.


Traditional Engraving

Using traditional engraving methods we can engrave on the following materials: Stainless steel Aluminum, Brass, Glass, Phenolic, Acrylic, and Plastic. Sizes are limited to a maximum of 24” X 48”.


Safety signage on equipment is not industry specific. We here at BW Industries design and produce signage to support user safety for all sorts of equipment. These stainless steel tags were covered with a vinyl label and produced for welding equipment for a NFM/Welding Engineers Inc.

We help find solutions for safety, user instructions and marketability on machine equipment.


BW Industries makes all kinds of custom laser engraved products.

This is a reversed engraved plastic overlay that gets adhered to a 1/8” sheet of stainless steel.

It is then mounted to a machine over a touch screen for a lapping machine for SpeedFamUSA.


Custom Signage

BW Industries, Inc. manufactures both permanent and temporary custom office signage for a wide variety of customers. We have supplied architectural, directional signage to Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Convention centers. We are able to match any existing internal signage. We have provide a vast variety of signs identifying Elevators and stairways, Handicap and public restrooms, Fire exits, the list is unending. Provide us with a detailed description of the sign require and we will produce it for you.

Labels and Decals

BW Industries, Inc manufactures custom Labels and Decals to fit any application. We have a wide array of materials suitable for all environments enabling you to choose the correct product for your environment. We can custom print and cut to virtually any shape. We simply ask you to provide us with a drawing or detailed description and type of label that you desire we can then customize a label for your application. Our process is designed to make short runs particularly competitive and cost effective. There are no minimum quantities or set-up fees associated with custom labels.

A selection of labels and decals that we have produced:

  • Warning Labels
  • Polyester Labels
  • Tamper Evident Labels
  • Asset Tag and Identification Labels
  • Write On Labels
  • Durable Outdoor Vinyl Labels
  • Machine Labels
  • Bar Code Labels
  • Serial Tags


Do you have an upcoming trade show, event, or maybe a meeting with that new client in which you’re about to roll out your new product prototype?  After all of the months of engineering and testing to make sure that everything works just right, you notice that maybe you forgot something.  Your new product is as aesthetically pleasing and visually stimulating as a slice of white bread.  Let’s face it, first impressions are important.

We are an industrial graphics company and our goal is to make your product not only look good, but to also guide and safeguard your customers when operating it.  Here is how we can help.

Our Inst-A-Screen printing product enables us to offer a substantial cost saving alternative to conventional screen printing.  Inst-A-Screen provides customers with high quality scratch resistant custom overlays, eliminating the set-up tooling costs and time delays associated with traditional screen printing technology.  We offer many options in regards to materials & adhesives.  Starting at only $175.00/dollars, Inst-A-Screen is an ideal solution for limited run prototypes.  Standard lead times run approximately 5 business days after receipt of an order.  Our process also offers equally competitive prices for production quantities.  Call us today!

Industries that we have supplied:

Food Processing, Aero Space, Automotive, Manufacturing, Contractors, Metal Stamping, Machine Tools, Schools, Sign Shops, Hotels, Hospitals and More.

Call 800.893.9145 for a custom quote on your project today!

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BW Industrial Graphics & Engraving
27W230 Beecher Ave., Unit 1
Winfield, IL 60190
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toll-free:  800.893.9145
phone:  630.784.1020
fax:  630.784.1022
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